Made up by Francisco and Yari, Rec.Films was born from the necessity to realise their personal dreams. The target was to give material form to ideas born from their audiovisual marathons, and after the creation of uncountable SCRIPTS and SCREENPLAYS emerged the will to see them filmed. Loving music and images, they found in VIDEOCLIPS a favourable ground: making videos always represented a beautiful challenge to confront with. In fact, to live. Furthermore, in the search for the perfect symbiosis between art and functionality, it’s in COMMERCIALS where Rec.Films sees the chance to express itself in a creative way. Most important project realised? The next one.


In 1991 there was the birth of musical videos, and together with videomusic Francisco was born. You might say he is up to his neck in it. Surfer and sea lover, dedicated videomaker, he would like to ride the mainstream wave.

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